Getting VirtualBox Ubuntu running with Oracle Java 7

Two times in the last few days, I have setup my environment to run a basic Java setup with Gradle and Grails. This means that I have been on Google an excessive amount. And I keep forgetting what I searched for the first time. So, here goes a quick guide to getting an Ubuntu VM ready for Java development.


I use VirtualBox for all of my quick development needs. I am a gamer and thus tied to Windows for my gaming needs. An Ubuntu VM is the next best thing to running the real thing. Mind you I do have decent computer with a fair bit of RAM: i7 950 with 16GB. Installing VirtualBox is pretty easy and they have native hosts for the big three OS’s: Linux, Mac, and Windows. Follow the documentation on there site for any additional help.


I chose vanilla Ubuntu version 11.10, the latest as of this post, for my development platform. You have two choices when grabbing Ubuntu. First, you can download a virtual appliance. This is just a virtual machine that someone created and uploaded for you. This is a great way to skip all the initial installation and get going quickly. Otherwise you can install your own local image. I am going to assume that you just use one of the appliances from the site below.

Oracle Java 7

This turns out to be something of a pain to install due to the fact that Oracle does not provide a native .deb file and due to crazy licensing does not allow Ubuntu’s parent company Canonical to create packages. So, you will need to follow an install guide.
For bonus points this article also links to a Java 7 install


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