Android Phone (My Touch)

Recently, I picked up an Android smartphone. In many ways, this was motivated by Apple's greed and Microsoft like control. The problems I have with Apple in general now, is that they have become a monopoly. Albeit, a monopoly with good taste. Okay, perhaps that's unfair, but at least they are exerting an uncomfortable level of control over their iPhone.

Out with the iPhone and in with the G-phone. I understand that Google will probably commit some of the same sins. Perhaps they are even are now: . Still, it seems that Google is making more right moves than Apple. Given their track record I expect them to continue to make at least palatable decisions.

I am, by trade, the Java developer. My thinking is that this will make the transition to the android SDK very clean. However, I am a little concerned with developing for an environment with limited resources and divergent platforms. It seems that we may be getting back to the days when our code was filled with endless switches to help navigate the many variations of platform and every programmer needed to be a bare chested performance tuning warrior or at least appear to be one.

These things do concern me, but they do not dissuade me from developing for the platform. At some level, I want to return to that base or younger, hungrier programmer. The one that thought it was very cool to be able to program in C and assembly. Most of us developers want that feeling again, even if it is unlikely to ever appear.

The real reason I want to develop though is that I, like many, am fascinated by the convergence of technology and humanity. This is exemplified by these little mobile computers that are attached to all of our hips now. I want to see if I can't make something that really makes my life easier. Automate some of the little tasks that we do everyday. I'm not sure if the technology is there yet, but I want to explore it.

So, I intend to develop a little app and take anyone that would like to along for the ride with me.


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