Shame Driven Development (SDD)

“Shame may restrain what law does not prohibit.”
Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)
Finally, we have a development methodology that works. I know what you are thinking, TDD, BDD, Agile, waterfall, OOD, and all of the others have failed me. Why is Shame Driven Development (SDD) a panacea? It works directly on the human inside the developer.

SDD is derived from the fact that most people only cheat when they can hide it. This seems to be true of developers also. Any act that is undesirable to the development group or organization can be stopped through judicious use of public humiliation (PH). In the modern era, it is no longer necessary to use stocks, tar and feathers, or a scarlet letter. We have email.

  • The Confused Email Pattern - Send an email that professes confusion at something that is cleary a bad choice made by the developer but is stated merely as question about how you are 'confused' by the mistake. Make sure to distribute the email widely.
  • The Implied Idiot Pattern - In conversation with the developers peers, suggest that you saw someone at another company do something that was incredibly stupid. The thing is something that the developer in question regularly does and you want stopped. Everyone will understand that the other company doesn't exist.
  • The Continous Integration Server - A box that repeatadly emails the entire office when a build is broken by a developer. It must be explicit in describing who was at fault. While this can also help with software quality, in SDD it is formost a tool for (PH).
Do you have any other patterns or tools that are regularly applied in SDD?


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